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Natural Pain Relief from Eucalyptus Oil of Australia

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Eucalyptus Oil of Australia comes from the fresh or semi-dried leaves and young twigs of Eucalyptus Globulus.

Australian Eucalyptus Oil has a number of benefits among which the most well known is that it a strong antiseptic and a perfect oil for aromatherapy. Eucalyptus Oil of Australia helps to clear the mind and focus it. It is also a natural remedy for many diseases because it prevents infections and is a natural vaso-dilator, opening your blood vessels and increasing circulation to promote the healing process of the body for natural pain relief.

People have known that Eucalyptus oil relieves pain for centuries. One type of eucalyptus tree, the Tasmanian Blue Gum, is the most valuable for producing the oil because it contains the most Cineole - the ingredient that dilates the blood vessels and opens up the sinuses. The oil from the Tasmanian Blue Gum is 88% Cineole - the highest of all the species on the planet! Cineole will not, by itself, penetrate deeply into the skin. For this reason, Eucalyptus oil is often combined with other oils that easily penetrate through many skin layers, for effectiveness.

Our unique blend includes grapeseed oil, aloe vera and jojoba oil to maximize these natural pain relief benefits. Read more about the Australian Oil of Eucalyptus.

Treatments by Australian Eucalyptus Oil:

Eucalyptus Oil of Australia is used in a number of medicines and also for curing diseases like:

Pyorrhea: Australian Eucalyptus Oil is used for treating gum disease, also known as Pyorrhea. It can also be used on burns in order to prevent infection.

Arthritis Rheumatism: Applying Eucalyptus Oil of Australia is a quick and easy cure for bone and joint aches like Back Aches, Muscle Aches and Arthritis Rheumatism.

Decongestant: Australian Eucalyptus Oil is the best alternative medicine to decrease pulmonary congestion, but it may not be helpful for patients having high or low blood pressure.

Sinus: Dabbing a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil from Australia on a tissue or a piece of cloth and then inhaling it for thirty seconds will help you in recovering from sinus, cold and hay fever.

Congestion: Australian Eucalyptus Oil rubbed on your chest helps you overcome congestion.

Nausea: One drop of Eucalyptus Oil on your tongue will help you get over Nausea.

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